New Celebrity Baby Names: Delta, Kaya, and Reign

New Celebrity Baby Names: Delta, Kaya, and Reign

By Abby Sandel, Appellation Mountain

Maybe you’re expecting triplets.  Maybe you’re Uma Thurman.

But chances are that if you’re narrowing down a baby name, you’re looking for just one first-middle combination, or maybe a first-middle-bonus middle.

It means that you’ll leave a lot of your favorite names unused, and you might hurt some feelings if your loved ones were hoping for a namesake.

Sure, you can go the royal route, and tack on extra middles galore.  Uma’s daughter Luna is actually Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence.  It’s not an approach most parents would consider.

I spent the week searching for rumors about the newest addition to the First Family of Reality Television.  Could it be that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick hadn’t agreed on a name in advance?  Word is that Scott was eager to honor his late father, but Kourtney wasn’t willing to call Mason and Penelope’s little brother Jeffrey.

Making that final decision can be tough, and our feelings about the names we love aren’t necessarily rational.

So if you’re wrestling with choosing just one name for your new arrival, know that you’re not alone.  The Nameberry forums are a great resource for a range of opinions and encouragement for all expectant parents.

Now, on to last week’s new arrivals, and the names that their high profile parents chose.

NiaStevie Wonder is a dad – again!  Wonder’s daughter Aisha was born in 1975, the inspiration behind his hit single “Isn’t She Lovely?”  Six more kids followed.  Now he and girlfriend Tomeeka Bracy have welcomed their second together, daughter Nia.  Nia fits with our affection for Mia and Leah, but that’s not why the couple chose the name.  Wonder explained that Nia is one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa – purpose.

Kaya – Was anyone surprised by the name Nashville star Hayden Panettiere chose for her new daughter?  Kaya is usually listed as Native American.  American Girl gave the name to their Nez Perce character from 1764.  The doll’s 1986 introduction definitely boosted the name, but the success of Kayla and Maya has helped, too.  Cindy Crawford called her daughter Kaia back in 2001.  It feels modern and in-step with current trends, and I suspect it works well with dad’s native languages, Ukrainian and Russian.

Evdokia – Speaking of Ukrainian, Kaya’s middle name is straight out of Kiev.  Hayden’s fiance, boxer Wladimir Klitschko, won Olympic gold for the Ukraine in 1996.  But he’s not all fists – Klitschko holds a PhD from Kiev University and is known for his humanitarian work.  Perhaps the couple chose Evdokia for the meaning – good thought.

Harper – Actor Armie Hammer and his television personality wife Elizabeth Chambers chose a very popular name for their new arrival.  The Beckhams, the Burtka-Harrises, Shonda Rhimes … everyone has a Harper.  But Harper … Hammer?  Turns out that Elizabeth lived on Harper Avenue back when she and Armie first met, and they always said they’d give the name to their first daughter.  It’s a sweet story, and reminds me of the street-name middles Rosie Pope chose for her four children.  But it’s still not a great first-last combination, is it?

DeltaKristen Bell and Dax Shepard have talked about how tough it was to name firstborn daughter Lincoln, and admitted that they struggled with a name for their second, too.  But now she’s here, and her name?  Delta Bell.  Delta is sassy and Southern, found in the Greek alphabet and the NATO phonetic alphabet, too.  Back in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Delta often appeared in the US Top 1000.  But as of 2013, just sixteen girls were given the name.  Will this celebrity birth announcement change that?

Bell – If your last name is as wearable as Bell, it really simplifies the question of choosing a middle name.  Both of Dax and Kirsten’s daughters share this middle.  It’s seasonal for a December-born daughter, too.  Sophie has Bell on her list of Christmas names.

Rosemary – Child actor Gaby Hoffman has been back in the spotlight, guest starring on Girls and a regular on Amazon’s new series Transparent.  She’s also a new mom.  Gaby and boyfriend Chris Dapkins recently welcomed Rosemary.  It’s an old school name making a comeback, thanks to a combination of vintage appeal and a subtle nature name vibe.

Reign Now let’s talk about Kourtney’s newest kiddo.  Kourtney gave birth on December 14th – the same day that son Mason turned five!  Dad is Kourtney’s long-time boyfriend, Scott Disick.  After a week of waiting, we learned that the little guy will answer to the royal Reign.  Great sound, but maybe a little too appropriate for a dad who styles himself Lord Disick. 97 little princesses and 25 princes were given the name in 2013, making this the rarest name ever chosen by Kourtney.

Aston Reign‘s full name is Reign Aston Disick.  Once an English place name with several possible origins, it is hard to hear Aston without adding Martin, as in the British sports cars driven by James Bond.  Scott‘s known for indulging in high-end automobiles. Could Aston be the new Bentley?  It’s a luxe choice, and the name’s similarity to Ashton and Easton makes it wearable.  And yet, the combination Reign Aston is rare, rare, rare – especially compared to his older siblings’ stylish but not uncommon names.

What was the hardest part of choosing your child’s name?