Carrie Fisher Character Names

Carrie Fisher Character Names

By Emily Cardoza, Nothing Like a Name

After the tragic double loss of daughter and mother Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds within a day of each other, Emily Cardoza pays tribute by looking at the names of some of their most iconic characters. First, Carrie Frances Fisher.


Alright, so it’s not a character name. Carrie was born to actors Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds in 1956, at which time the name ranked #208. Carrie left the Top 1000 in 2007, but could make a comeback, especially in the next year. 


Carrie Fisher’s first movie role was as Lorna, the daughter of two main characters in the iconic 70s film Shampoo. The name is a literary invention from the nineteenth century, for the 1869 novel Lorna Doone, and it ranked in the US throughout the twentieth century, associated with Judy Garland’s younger daughter, Lorna Luft. Despite its similarities to Lauren and Laura, Lorna never garnered similar popularity.

Leia Organa

While audiences were introduced to this Star Wars name back in the 1970’s, Leia‘s popularity has only rocketed in the past decade: it broke into the Top 500 in 2015 and is now at Number 421. With names like Lily and Layla so attractive to parents, Leia was bound to follow! The name is still rising and will probably get a boost in 2017.

Annie Clark

Carrie played Annie in Under the Rainbow, a 1981 comedy with Chevy Chase about the making of The Wizard of Oz. While Annie ranked in the Top 10 in the 1880’s, it was surpassed by more formal names – and delegated to nickname status. Today, Annie makes an adorable, retro choice – not unlike Carrie.


Starring alongside Tom Hanks in the comedy-thriller The Man with One Red Shoe, her character name of Paula was a mid-century standard, reaching as high as Number 42 in 1963. While Paula may not be ready to return to birth certificates, similar-sounding PaulinaPaulette, and Paloma are cute options for baby girls today.

AprilStill in the Top 500, April is a bright and friendly name perfect for springtime babies. The name comes from the Latin for “second,” and counts sisters May and June as sweet, more timely alternatives. Carrie Fisher played April in the Woody Allen classic, Hannah and Her Sisters.

Carol PetersonAnother comedy-thriller with Tom Hanks, The ‘Burbs features Carrie Fisher as Carol PetersonCarol is another mid-century name not yet ripe for revival – try CarolineCharlotte, or Cora for a more contemporary take.MarieThe quintessential French female name and a popular middle name for Americans, Marie is currently at one of its lowest points. Carrie played Marie in When Harry Met Sally (one of my favorite films), transforming from an insecure mistress into a strong and supportive wife and friend.

Carrie voiced Angela in Family Guy over a ten-year span, proving her acting abilities extended into animated comedy. Angela is currently on its way out after a long run in the spotlight, but longer variations Angelina and Angelica are still in use.

Rosemary Howard
Emmy-nominated for her guest role in 30 RockCarrie Fisher played comedy writer Rosemary HowardLiz Lemon‘s hero. On the rise again, this botanical choice is at once vintage and vivacious, perfect for a modern girl. Rosemary also signifies remembrance – an excellent choice to remember an excellent woman.