Brilliant Baby Names: Evangeline, Winry and Woods

Brilliant Baby Names: Evangeline, Winry and Woods

Brilliant baby names sparkled once again on the September Birth Announcements forum.

There was one pair of perfectly paired twin names: Isabel Therese and Leo Henri. Unusual names included Winry, Geddy, Hercule and Woods, plus middles Obelia and Calloway, and sibs Blythe Lavender, Ignatius Peter, Indigo Robert and Hespera Catherine Ophelia. Wow!

Here’s the full contingent.

Baby Girl Names

Camille Rosalie, sister of Ruth Eloise

“We did a lot of considering and going back and forth on her name…It may not have been the most popular on our polls but when we met our little princess we just couldn’t imagine her as anything but a Millie!”

Evangeline Lark Yael, nn Evie, sister of Asher Grey

My husband and I wanted both our son and daughter to have names that mean/evoke happiness, goodness, positivity.  Asher means “happy/blessed” in Hebrew and Evangeline means “bearer of good news.” We also wanted names that have a nice nickname built in: Ash and Evie fit the bill.  For middle names we wanted a word/nature name. So we chose Grey for our son and Lark for our daughter (while Grey may seem a rather somber choice that doesn’t fit with the happiness theme, we chose it because we love the color and it signifies the opposite of black-and-white, all-or-nothing thinking which can at times lead to trouble.  And Lark–well we all know of the bird and the idiom “happy as a lark.” Gwen Obelia, sister of Blythe Lavender, Keir and Solomon (Sol)

“We have sought to maintain a “simple but unusual” vibe throughout our naming journey and wanted to choose a single syllable, recognizable but uncommon name to round out and ground our sibset.  We had all but decided on Neve, but when we met our daughter, her name was clearly Gwen, like 3 of her great-grandmothers before her. Obelia references an Australiana folktale by author May Gibbs, a story close to our family’s heart.”

Hayden Rose, sister of Preston Ryder.

Isabel Therese, twin of Leo Henri and sister of Amelie Hope, Eleanor Lucy and Juliet Ainsley

Ophelia Rose, sister of Susannah Daisy

“I absolutely love both their names.”

Rosalind Phoebe James, sister of Jane Ada Kathryn

“We decided that whether we had a son or a daughter, we wanted to honour both of our fathers with our second child’s name. Rosalind’s first and last initials are the same as her grandpa’s and she shared the middle name James with her grandpa.  It’s simply a name that I love, though the avian connection, and the lovely meaning are definitely both a bonus.”

Theodora Jewel, sister of Raphael David and Ignatius (Iggy) Peter

“We ultimately chose Theodora from among my many favorite vintage names because it shares the same meaning as my husband’s name: “gift from God.” Jewel was my great grandmother’s name.  It was truly a dream come true to welcome a baby girl to our family and to finally get the chance to use one of my beloved baby girl names.”

Winry Violet

“We chose her name months before. Winry! Because I have always wanted a little Winnie but for some reason have a hard time with it being a stand-alone name.  And my husband didn’t like any of the other options for a ‘full’ name (even though I know Winnie & Winry are the same length…it feels more complete to me) and Violet because I wanted something a little more feminine, whimsical and vibrant but also familiar to balance out the uniqueness of Winry.”

Baby Boy Names

Eli Claude, brother of Gideon David and Henry Landon

“It took a while but we finally found the perfect name for our little guy.”

Geddy Ronin, brother of Indigo Robert

“Geddy is after my husband’s favorite musician, Geddy Lee.  DH also came up with Ronin, which he likes for the ‘samurai with no master’ meaning.  I also like Ronin as a fall-back name in case Geddy doesn’t like his first name, especially since it is at a level of popularity in the US where it will be familiar but not super common to Geddy’s generation.”

Hercule Alexander St John, brother of Hespera Catherine Ophelia

“Hercule is pronounced EHR-KUYL. It’s the French name for the Greek hero Hercules.  Both Alexander and St John are family names.”

Leo Henri, twin of Isabel Therese and brother of Amelie Hope, Eleanor Lucy and Juliet Ainsley

Woods Calloway, brother of Willow Harper and Winston Oakes

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