Best Botanical Baby Names

Best Botanical Baby Names

Botanical names have been beloved for many generations. We’re all familiar with Rose, Violet, and Lily, but the scientific (genus and species) names for plants are actually a gold mine for beautiful, unique baby names. Hundreds of thousands of plant species exist, so here are just a few lovely finds from this enormous list.

Acer-Acer is the genus name for the well-known maples and would make a stylish boys’ name.

Adelia–This pretty genus name would be perfect for the nickname Addie.

Allamanda- This genus of yellow flowering plants could serve as a much needed update for Amanda.

Althaea- This genus is commonly used for medicinal purposes. In fact, its name comes from the Greek althainein– “to heal.”

Eleusine- The common name for this glamorous sounding genus is, unfortunately, goosegrass.

Senna– I think Senna is just as lovely as the similar but far more common Sienna. This genus produces pretty yellow flowers.

Calliandra- This Callie–Alexandra smoosh would make an extremely unique, yet fairly wearable choice. The unique appearance of Calliandra flowers has yielded common names like powder puff and fairy duster.

Coronilla- While definitely flashy, Coronilla could be wearable with Cora as a nickname. The genus Coronilla produces yellow flowers that radiate to form a crown shape.

Cordia– This genus of pretty flowering plants would make a cute, simpler alternative to Cordelia.

Cordyline- Cordyline plants are believed in Hawaiian culture to bring good luck. This name is another reasonable substitute for Cordelia.

Cassia– Sweet, feminine Cassia is both the species name for cinnamon and also a genus of flowering shrubs.

Freesia– Those who love Freya, popular in the UK, might also be attracted to the name for this genus of flowering plants.

Iva– If you love Ivy or Eva, you’ll certainly love simple, elegant Iva.

Khaya- An alternative spelling to a fairly familiar name, Khaya is a genus of tropical trees.

Linnaea– The genus commonly known as the twinflower was named for Carl Linnaeus, who classified many of the other plants on this list. As a girl’s name, the spelling Linnea is seen more often. This name is common in Scandinavian countries.

Nyssa– The name for this genus would make a rare but wearable girl’s name, and has been used for a character in Doctor Who.

Prunella– The genus Prunella is known as “self-heal” for its medicinal uses.

Selenia– This flowering genus would make a pretty but not over the top girl’s name.

Vernonia- If you love elegant V names but are looking for something less trendy, Vernonia makes a nice alternative to Veronica.

Zinnia– The genus Zinnia produces beautiful flowers and would make an adorable, chic girl’s name.

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