Berry Question of the Week: Help name baby #3!

Rachel, a mom of two from Grand Rapids, Michigan, is expecting her third child in March and is having trouble finding the right name.  She writes:

“My four-year-old daughter is named Avery Grace. My two-year-old son is named Isaiah Joel. We are having a third and final baby, a girl, mid March. We are struggling to find a name.

My husband would like to keep the vowel theme going, but doesn’t want a name that’s too popular. I personally am a fan of softer-sounding names that begin with S or M. We’d also take into consideration the nickname: we sometimes call our children Ave and Zay.

Here are the names we’ve discussed so far:

Sydney ReneeSydney is slightly more popular than we’d like.

Emrie Pearl — Sounds too much like Avery?

Elliette Mae — Feels risky to stick our daughter with a boys’ name, even with a feminine spelling and middle name.

Molly Renee — I love this but it was the name of our first cat… and my husband can’t get past that it’s an animal name.

I sure would appreciate any feedback, as this is keeping me up every night!  I’d love to hear your thoughts on the names we’ve considered and any other ideas you think might be right for our new little girl.”

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