A Teenberry Name Nerd’s Path to Enlightenment

By  Josie Crocker aka whirligig

How would you like to have a daughter who arrives home from school declaring she has ‘fallen in love’ only to find out that she means with a name and not a spotty, immature member of the opposite sex? How would you like a daughter that returns from a shopping trip with ‘The Brilliant Book of Baby Names’ (aka The Baby Name Bible), and tells of how her friend thought she was joking when she said she was purchasing this book? Are you relieved that it wasn’t a pair of £200 heels? Would you rather be banning her from going out drinking on a Friday night or ban her from spending her night on Nameberry?

I am that daughter–that name obsessed crazy daughter that gets a weird look from the librarian as she asks where the pregnancy section is (full of naming goodness) and gets up earlier than usual with cries of ‘I need to print out this name list before school’ instead of spending hours painting my nails and straightening my hair. Here is a brief timeline of my naming history–from the innocent registers of role-play to the beautiful and plain ridiculous.

Jessyca– Yes, I really did write this in one of my notebooks. Along with Eimylee (Emily), Allicea (Alicia) and Bethanie. These weren’t just misspellings though, because I had written them correctly earlier in the book. Excuse my bad behaviour please.

Harry, Milly, Molly and Joshua– In my next set of notebooks, I seem to have written large lists of ordinary names. It looks like nothing really but when I studied the names closer, I found that they were actually people that I knew or had heard of ordered into lists. Maybe this was me subconsciously trying to sort out all the people in my life into a structured way.

Ursula– This name features throughout my naming records. It is the name of a fabric doll I received one Christmas and was never renamed as were my least favourite Polly Pockets (my favourites were always Rick and Lila) or Barbies were. If you are interested in sibsets, my sister’s doll was called Olivia.

Kerria– I found this in a gardening book on the morning before we went on holiday (I obviously needed a pre-holiday naming fix). The rest on this list were obviously book-based (Caspian from Narnia and Daphne from Malory Towers).

Aliona–A name from real-life again. (How did I manage before Nameberry?) This particular one is a professional dancer’s  name from Strictly Come Dancing. Others on the list include Tizzie (from  Nevermore) , Gabriella (High School Musical) and Amethyst (Rainbow Fairy books).

Acacia–This is the name that I drew out of a hat to name my cousin . Hebe was also in there, suggesting that I liked nature names at that moment in time. She was named Imogen which leads me to…

Imogen, Cessia and Kirrily-Names that were regularly featured in my story plans for a series of boarding school novels I was ‘going to write’.

Ava, Emmy, Lauren– This was just before I discovered Nameberry. I did not have access to any popularity lists at the time and consequently Ava and Lauren were axed off the list quickly but I still enjoy Emmy as a nickname for Emmeline.

Jasper– Oh, and I can now imagine the types of faces my fellow Berries would have had when they saw that I liked this for a girl. Some of the names I put in my signature when I first joined Nameberry were absolutely ridiculous! I even wanted twins called Elektra Blue & Indigo Star (and blue wasn’t even my favourite colour).

Merida and SamsonHow delightful it would be to meet twins with these names! I also liked Primrose in this naming era. I still love all these names but maybe a little less than I did then.

Wren-This brings me up to the present day where my favourite name is Wren. It is unfussy but elegant with lots of good associations; unusual but not unheard of and easy to spell. What more could a 15-year-old girl want?  Probably a lot more (money, phone, clothes),  unless you happen to be the English, teenage, name maniac called Whirligig.

Josie Crocker, known on Nameberry as whirligig, is an English teen who likes creativity but not krey8tivity. Her favorite thread is the Think/Say thread because you can be brutally honest.  And no–she’s not the girl in the illustration.

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26 Responses to “A Teenberry Name Nerd’s Path to Enlightenment”

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Haili73 Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 2:03 am

Yep. Should’ve seen my uncle’s face after he fixed my internet and the first site I went on was a baby name one! At age 12! I assured him it was for character naming-name nerd and a writer? Dangerous combination for a little girl. I joke that I started writing because I “ran out of dolls to name” (If you’re interested, my doll was Teresa Rose Melody…and I had a ballerina doll named Sara. My sister, on the other hand, named EVERY SINGLE doll Isabella. Or Green Baby. Or Sleepy Baby.

My earliest name favorites (read 2nd grade) included Teresa, Tabitha, and Tulip as a middle name to match Rose and Lily. I also loved Christina, as Christine was my middle name (I thought it should be spelled Christin when I was in 3rd grade…) I liked twin sets like Alexander and Alexandria, Eric and Erica (oh, I was so clever!) and Isabelle Marie and Elizabeth Mary.

Middle school brought favorites such as Christiana, Cassandra, Kayla-Mae, Keisha, Gretta, Shiloh, Gabriel, Gloria, Miriam, Martha and Chrissie (short for Christina)

Junior High…oh dear, that was a bad time for me as a name freak. Jesse, Jess, I explored backwards names- Sseji as a backwards/adapted version of Jess, Lia, a nicknamed of my own name spelt backwards…Eta, as a nickname for Etalocohc, who had a brother named Allinav, Allin for short. Just read those two backwards. Those were characters. (Eta was pronounced like Ate-a) I liked Aloysia “Ally” and Zebulon “Zeb” , Kayleen, Owen, Trenton, Francisca, and Gail and Bluebelle. Dark times.

Early high school I liked Mercy Christine and Orion “Rion” James. Characters during this time period were named Contenza and Jensina, Nolan, Micah, Nathaniel, Aaron, Zipporah, Rebecka “Beck” Todd, Rueben “Ben” and Fletcher. I liked names from The Goose Girl like Conrad and Razo and Enna. I loved Briar and Tris and Finn and Shepherd and Terrance and Stefan and Spencer. I liked Hosanna, with Anna (like Ah-na, not Anne-a) as a nickname, Britta, Brenna, Gwendolyn, Guinevere and Linder and Bennet. I also liked Ivan, Anya, Benedict, and Thomas.
I also briefly liked Lyric, Aria, Dmitri, Elijah, Liora, Madeline, (not pronounced like Madalyn, mind you) and Briallen during this time.
Late high school to now (I’m 19-still a teenberry!) I’ve begun to love Antonia and Rosalind, Annie and Lindy for short. I like Sebastian and Gabriel for boys, but not as much as I love Annie and Lindy. But I still really like Nathaniel.

jem Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 4:53 am

Also a 19-year-old name-nerd! I’ve been through a LOT of dolls and stuffed animals. My favourite teddy was Flora, my favourite Beanie Baby Samuel. My China dolls were named Nancy, Louisa and Arabelle.
I too fancied myself as an author at a younger age – my main characters were Tabitha, Leo and Elsie, names I still like today. My 9-year-old self had great taste! Unfortunately, I totally made up names for the ‘monsters’ in my stories: the most memorable being ‘Cocolij’ and ‘Tassloe Kirkalona Woleago’ (an eagle. Yes, he had three names…). I named a mermaid ‘Dimple’. I’m not sure what was going on in my head at that stage. Definitely not a good time.
My name obsession built up at around the age of 15. My favourite names were Charlotte, Alice and Jacob – all of which have now been axed due to popularity.
I’ve gone through many many phases of ‘loving’ names (my ‘names’ Word document takes about 5 minutes to open), but at the moment I’m fairly settled on Beatrix, Hermione and Arthur.

Charshi Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 7:47 am

18 year old name nerd here! My friend and I used to compile lists of baby names and families in our Japanese class, hence why we were getting C’s for almost a year before picking up our acts!
My love of names all started when I was about 9 though, with the name Laura…I have no idea why I loved it so much but I still think I could tolerate it as a middle. This obsession continued for a good year or two before I realised it was popular and met people I didn’t like with the name Laura.
Then the awkward amateur author stage came, and brought with it names like Scarlett, Melody and Emma for girls, and Harry (named after a certain fictional character wizard with a prominent scar, no doubt), Orion and Henry.
By the time we were writing names in our binders I’d progressed to Aria, Tallulah, Jasper, Jude and Annabelle.
Now that I’m older and (I’d like to think…) a little wiser, I’m happy with my current favourite list that includes Caroline, Juliet, Silas, Nathaniel and Theodore.

lawsonhaley Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 8:07 am

Another 18 year old one! With my birthday money this year, I bought…..wait for it….the Baby Name Wizard book (the book store near me did not have Nameberry books in stock 🙁 ) , for Christmas, I asked my sister (by asked, I mean physically put into her hands) for a huge, massive 2012 name book, and, last week, I found the Cool Baby Names book from Pam & Linda, and spent $11 on that, when I probably should’ve saved it.

My lists have changed a lot too, when I was 10:

Aspen, Kaitlyn, Emilee, Thomas, Adam, Nicholas


Emma, Sophia, Charlotte, Thomas, Andrew, Joshua


Lucie, Kaeleigh, Kelly, Mark, Matthew, Ethan


Zenobia, Ottilie, Maude, Euphemia, Augustus, Darcy, Andrew


Amelia, Charlotte, Emily, Joshua, Brogan, Adam

It’s changed quite a bit ;P

Maerad Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 8:19 am

Also 19, although edging closer and closer to 20!
My parents were baffled, the days I came home from school and exclaimed that I’d found a new name and it was all very exciting.
Sadly my dolls were never imaginatively named, however I’d say my interest started when I was 8 or 9 and my parents got us the computer game ‘Dogz’. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s sort of like Sims, but with animals. We had to name them and you could breed them – which lead to family theme’s such as Violet (f) who bred with Onyx (m) so the offspring were Jasper (m), Coal (m) and Daffodil (f). Looking back at it now the first thing I’m aware of is that I misspelt Daffodil so it just said ‘Daffdil’… oops!
At school, and even now, I get very odd looks for reeling off name stats even when the conversation means that the information is relevant!
I think my first ‘love’ was Bianca which was the name of a character in the game Spyro (2). I desperately wanted to be called the exotic and interesting Bianca rather than boring old Caroline (my regard for my own name has now grown, but I don’t think I’ll ever LOVE it). I was also obsessed with calling all horses ‘Wildfire’ but I don’t think I’d have ever dreamed of calling a human that!

I never had an author stage (or I did, but it never progressed far enough to name the characters) but I did do a lot of reading, Harry Potter introduced me to a whole realm of names I’d never even considered and my favourite book series gave me my Nameberry name ‘Maerad’ (Along with Cai (Kay), Hekibel, Zelika, Cadvan, Nerili, Malgorn, Sylvia…) And the best bit about that book was they all had ‘secret’ names that they learnt when they were instated into the magical order so I got a double whammy of names – Elednor, Inareskai, Riik. Fantastic!
The names I loved were never crazy or misspelt and some have endured from the start, I still want an Eliza one day, however they are now categorized into:
Names I will probably use: Eliza Jane, Simon Alexander, Felicity Helen, Angela Joy, Luke Sebastian. Names like James, Elodie, Meredith and Edward are also on this list. I like the meanings of all of them (especially when combined) and they all honour people I’m sure will always be in my life.
Names I like but not enough to use: Beatrice, Emily, Orla, David, Matthew, Lauren (this is a long list, I’ll stop here!).
Then, names I wish I was brave enough to use: Primrose, Finnick, Odair, Rue (guess who read the Hunger Games), Nerili, Aurelia, Kaylee, Mary.
Names that I love but my friends parents were inconsiderate enough to use on my friends: Imogen, Hugh, Bethan/Bethany (I know one of both), Alistair, Ailsa, Abigail, Poppy.
Guilty Pleasure Names (aka names I know are ridiculous/cruel but love the sound of): Sunset, Sonnet, Obedience (thank you Nameberry for that one), Therapy (sounds so musical, meaning obviously sucks), Absolution, Chivalry, Gente, Cavalier.

The lists go on!
Thankfully Nameberry exists so I can talk to other teens without you guys thinking I’m weird and I can explore new avenues of names!
I also have the joy of a very understanding boyfriend – who apparently finds names interesting and so lets me go on and on about them without seeming to be bothered and occasionally joins in.
My parents are still baffled though.

SadieJosephine Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 9:37 am

😀 Funny, teen-berries seem to have a lot in common!
I, also, started “writing” at a young age–7, at the latest. I’m eighteen now, and have had an obsession with names since age 14–when I started thinking about marriage and kids. At that point, though, it wasn’t so much whether I loved the name, but whether the name went with the last name I was very seriously considering–Smith. 🙁 In any case, my days of imagining myself in love with someone 6 years older than I are over. Thank God. So, I turned back to writing, probably at 15 or so, and my word, were there some interesting picks for character names.
Of course, I love characters who have odd names. It catches the reader’s attention. Names like Shelumiel(yes, it is actually in the bible), Zelophehad(that one is too), and a few other quite strange ones, were featured in one of my longest fantasy works ever.
Also, I am an avid reader, and after reading one of the books in the series Wheel of Time, fell in love with the following: Aviendha, Nynaieve(not sure if that’s spelled right), Rand….. There were a few others that I can’t remember at the moment. Also Lord of the Rings names, like Eowyn and Arwen.
As for right now, my tastes in names run all over the place. Of my top favorites, there are quite a few with foreign origins: Orrin, Mathis/Mathias, Roux, Beau, Christabel, Hugo. Others at the top of my list: Jude, Xavier(especially w/ fn Lucas), Percy(for a girl), Arrow and Archer, Aria, Raleigh, Remy, Hosea and Micah, Evangeline and Angelique, Cecelia, Wendy Moira Angela Darling( 😀 ). Also names I would only use for middle names, like: Elise/Felice, Noel, Renee, Hosanna, Edward(especially with fn Harrison).
In any case, it is nice to know I’m not the only one who’s dealing with this strange phenomenon. Thanks, teenberries, and happy naming!

Saracita00 Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 9:58 am

Fun post! I’m grownup, old, and married now, but when I was a teen I raised livestock…and there were plenty of babies to name. I pored over name books for ages looking for just the right name with just the right meaning. It was a great outlet, because every spring there was a new batch to name so I never “ran out of dolls.” However, I’m afraid my taste was a little too good, because I ruined several names for my future self and future children – Renata, Josie and Tess are among my biggest regrets.

tfzolghadr Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 10:04 am

I’m in my late 20s, but I was the same at your age. I went from naming all my dolls Scotty and Cindy or Victor and Victoria to a bit more unique. My teenage favourites were Asher and Elias for boys (unheard of at the time… my mom nearly banned me from naming children), and Adele and Abigail for girls (neither of which I’m even remotely into now). Really, naming is a process… and I found that whatever you come up with, that doesn’t mean it will be usable in the future. You can never predict trends, and who knows what your partner will like/dislike. So compile lists… add, subtract, revise, and be ready to do an overhaul when the time comes to use them! 🙂

chi1127 Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 12:02 pm

Young name nerds have it made. I didn’t even have dial-up or a computer when my obsession began. Books, movies, and my mom’s one baby name book were my only sources. It could help explain my early obsession with genealogy. I’m also just a nerd, though. I read the encyclopedia for fun.

CsprsSassyHrly Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 12:43 pm

I’m in my mid 20’s now but I was the same way when I was a teenager. Though, I wasn’t much for dolls, I did do a lot of writing stories (and still do, it’s a good way to use the names I’d probably never be brave enough to use on any children I may one day have)

My names were never really out there, but there was always a theme. When I was middle school, I was big on having kids. I wanted five and no one could talk me out of it (That’s a big change for me, since, now, I don’t even want one!). Elena Aurelia (after my maternal grandparents’ mothers) was the name I decided on (and it lasted for years until I decided I wanted to honor people I had a much stronger connection with: my mom and grandfather). But beyond Elena Aurelia, my names were all three or more syllables, Alexandria (still a favorite for me), Samantha and Briana. Then I went through my Mac- phase, where every name had a Mac- starting sound (I was actually ahead of that trend). Makenna, Mikayla and Mackenzie, which led to Madeleine (yes, it had to have the e between the l and the i) and Madison.

I like to think that by the time I got out of my teens, I’d matured enough beyond the themes but, I think my current theme now is classic names and names with several possible nicknames. Nothing too outrageous, nothing too unheard of and definitely nothing that’s too unique. Margaret, with its seemingly infinite number of nicknames, has become a favorite (Maisie and Greta are fighting for my favorite nickname for Margaret). Georgianne Mireya/Reyes George (male and female version hypothetical future baby names that honors my mother and grandfather). I find myself more interested in family names than names that have no real significance for me, not that the stray Bay, Ayla, Prudence, Verity, Gemma, James, Dexter, Finn and Silas don’t make me reconsider my honor-family theme, which is how they get used in stories that I still write!

spotlightstarlit Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 1:04 pm

20 here and been a part of NB for going on 5 years!

I’m a writer, and have a special “name notebook” where I store all those names I would love to give my characters one day, when I plot out their stories. Currently I’m working on a novel with characters Vivien, Dinah, Perry, Nyx, and Vesper. Previously have had Rhiannon, Elizabeth, Lucille, Jude, Caroline and Dagny. And the book series I am “always” writing and rewriting include a Rhys, Fallon, Gwendolyn, Miller, Scarlett and Reagan.

My naming tastes have sharpened since I’ve been a part of NB, but I argue I’ve also remained myself. I still love Tigerlily as much as Isobel or Helena, and think often of how fun it is to pair restrained, classic monikers with “wild” middle names– and occasionally, the other way around!

emilybk Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 1:35 pm

I’m almost 30, but remember poring over baby name books as a kid and teenager as well. When I was 11, my aunt had twins, and I was dying for them to be a boy and girl named Sebastian and Cassandra. To 11-year-old me, these were the two most elegant names imaginable. She had two boys and named them Samuel and Wilson (both family names), so clearly our naming styles differed a bit!

In the past almost 20 years, my taste has changed a lot. When my cousins were born, I thought my aunt’s family name choices were soooo boring, but I ended up giving my daughter family names for both her first and middle: Cates Margaret. Not quite such a flowery name as the ones I liked 20 years ago!

treesandlove Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 5:26 pm

Nearly 16… And I’m a name nerd.
My obsession started when I was 7 or 8 and had to painstakinly name all my barbies and other dolls before playing with them. Their names had to be perfect. I started translating names into characters at the 4th grade, when I attempted (and failed) my first attempt at a novel, in which the main chracter’s name was Althea. I had animals with the names Hannibal, Imogen, Leo, Hunter (oddly enough this one was a moose), Moanna, Nixie, and on.

Age 8: I was quite obsessed with the names Gwendolyn (convinced I would name my first daughter this, now not so much), Beatrice (which I still love), Nathan, Electra, Chloris, Virginia, Hermione, Evelyn, Eden, Cyrus, and Seth.

Age 9: Beatrice! Althea! Beatrice! Seth! Althea! Beatrice! Nathan!

Middle School: ……. Katniss, Hermoine, Elizabeth, Emma, Moriah, Ginny, Cedric, Nathan, Matt, Jerome…..

Early High School: Gray, Damon, Dmitri, Demetrius, Christine, Claudette, Verity, Helena, Adele, Everly

Now: Matthew, James, Bellamy (I’ve been a fan of the band Muse since before Twilight, but didn’t take a second look at their names until now), Benedict, Clara, Anastasia, Hunter, Helena, Sutton, Aria, David, Dexter, Garrett, Alexander, the list goes on.

EmilyVA Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 7:30 pm

In high school I wanted girl/boy twins named September (girl) and October (boy) nn Temmy and Toby or Tober.

I also used to big on 1950’s girls names. Darleen and Doreen for example.

My #1 girls name from high school is still #1. She is the heroine of a novel I’m writing.

NiamhEthna Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 8:55 pm

I guess as of last thursday I’m no longer a ‘Teen Berry’ because i turned 20, however i still feel like one (guess i always will!!)
Also been obsessed for years and i used to steal school notebooks to fill with names and ‘stories’ while my friends looked on with raised eyebrows when i said i wanted 12 kids each with 12 names… Much has changed there, however i still love names!!!
When i was awarded a £20 book voucher for a school thing i spent it on a beautiful massive copy of ‘Llewellyn’s complete book of names’ which is still my absolute favourite book.
My first favourite that i remember was Lucy which i gave to many babydolls. I was super forgetful so i couldn’t give full names to all my dollies, my favourite toy dog (who still sleeps in my bed..) is called Chumbs after a type of dog food!!!
I also went through a ‘Kryatyve’ stage, which i look back on with embarrassment and hauntings of Kaytea and Jayknee… AWFUL!!!!
Now i think Greek mythology names are my favourite.
I also think my own name, Niamh inspired me towards my love of names as i remember looking up its meaning and then spiralling down a dark hole of internet name sites. And the rest is history…
Here are some of my past and present faves:
Prairie – as in the Little House on The.
Lupin – surprisingly this was not Harry Potter related.
Tuscany – why?
Mireille – Met a little french girl with this name and fell in love with it.
Evolet – from the movie 10,000 BC
Tupelo Honey – from my favourite song by Van Morrison
Elfin – Saw it written in a book to describe a somwhat elfish person and thought ‘hey!’..
Laia – Star Wars Obsessed. For boys i also swore on naming my first born son Anakin.

Thinking back to those days in high school, never doing work and really annoying my teachers makes me so nostalgic and grateful that i kept all those notebooks.

Fourthseason Says:

December 16th, 2013 at 11:02 pm

I grew on a Horse farm, we also had cattle, farm cats hunting dogs ect…. They ALL had names, very very interesting names…..even as an older child and when my family moved closer to town, we owned animals, I co-owned two business from the age 10-17. I raised/sold/showed pure breed rabbits and dogs…… I had 50 rabbits, 8 dogs/puppies, 4 cats, 2 hedgehogs, 2loves birds, and tank FULL of fish. EVERY and I mean EVERY single animal had a first name, two middle names, a last name, and if I could a first/second/ third attatched their name. My sister was much like I was but had fewer animals. She had one dog with 12 names. My brother, who was born Cebral Palsy, and even with his limited faculties, loved naming things, animals, and people. I guess it runs in the family. I may not of have had dolls to name, but baby naming feavor was still so prevalent. I guess with animals, people are less inclined to think your weird until they hear what you named your cattle/horse/dog/bird/fish/hedgehog ect… Some of the best names are: Big Red (cow), Topanga Cameo Hush Puppy Lou(dog), or Dulce Goergio Lou McTavish (dog), or Jasmine Jane Joan Josephine ( this was sybiling-team effort- we must of been Edwardian inspired, dog), Robin robert Alfred Ernest Lord Flodman the 1st (dog) or Cheese Baby Lightening ray lipstick (this was horse). My sister and I are both grown and married now. Her son is Morgan Stone and I have yet to have any children, but can say I have evolved. Also, someone mentioned up above they had dogs the game. I had dogs, dogsII, Cats, and oddballz. The computer animals, They all were named too.

larkofnorth Says:

December 17th, 2013 at 12:21 am

Ya! Its so nice to know I’m not the only name – obsessed teenager! I use them for writing stories, and have kept lists of names in notebooks at least since i was 12. I remember looking at the list of colors of Wikipedia and going down and listing all the cool sounding ones to use for names, from Olivine and Sangria to Icterine and Ferdgrau. I like unconventional names that aren’t too out there. My friends have always thought it was weird, so its nice to know i’m not the only one!
My current favorites are probably:
Wilder, Thiago, Savarin, Wren, Freya, Seth, Senna, Lark, Hadrian, Rylan, and Gray
but I love different names for different characters!

calypsotheoneandonly Says:

December 17th, 2013 at 6:40 am

!4-year-old name nerd! My earliest name crushes – from when I was a kindergartner – were Marian, Vanessa, and Veronica 😛 Not very imaginative – Veronica was from some picture book I’d read at school about mice, Marian was from my brother’s school – Marian Peterson Middle School, and I don’t even know where Vanessa came from. I also had a soft spot for Chrysanthemum.
Truth be told, my names were never especially noteworthy – they all came from the outside world, mostly books. I was an avid reader. I don’t really like any of them any more, with the exception of Ella (from Cinderella. I didn’t much like the movie or story – my loyalties always lay with The Little Mermaid – but I’ve always loved Ella.).

Current favorites – Ariadne, Calliope, Molly, Waverly, Caroline for girls, and Nathaniel, James, Louis, Rudy, River, and Waylon for boys. Among others.

KateMP91 Says:

December 17th, 2013 at 12:19 pm

While some of the names differ, my path to becoming an early twenties name nerd, is SO similar. The “creative” spellings, the overly common, the naming of dolls (all of my beloved ones were, at one point or another, Shae, Julia, or Natalie)…looking back on my name lists would be pretty crazy!

jame1881 Says:

December 17th, 2013 at 7:19 pm

Teen name nerds unite! My dad felt he had to explain when I bought a baby name book one day that no, I’m not pregnant, I use it for story characters. But I like names in general, which I think is hard for an engineer like my dad to grasp 🙂

spotlightstarlit Says:

December 18th, 2013 at 11:38 am

Totally forgot to list stuffed animal names!

I won’t get these in perfect order, but they will go from about five to the present (yes, the present and I do not apologize!)

Susie & Billy

Jocelyne Says:

December 18th, 2013 at 2:33 pm

The one place where I am understood for my name-nerd habits! My friends think I’m bonkers wanting to discuss names for hours on buses. Good to know I’m not the only one who gets the weird look when you ask for the pregnancy section in the library/bookshop. Proud teenberry/britberry right here!

tori101 Says:

December 18th, 2013 at 5:31 pm

I’m a nineteen year old name nerd. I work full time in property. I work in lettings and most the time while conducting viewings, filling in paperwork, doing accounts, sorting out problems in the properties, evicting people, and signing tenancy agreements, I’m shamefully looking out for names. Whilst conducting a viewing today I asked the couple what their daughter’s Violet & Alexandra middle names were…!! Lets just say they were surprised but totally worth it Violet Penelope & Alexandra Niamh. How adorable?!

So yes I of course like most name nerd went through naming ‘stages’…

As a child I had dolls named Gabriella, Narie (like Marie but with a N), and Fay. Boys had cooties at that age soooo of course I was not interested in boy names.

In early secondary school I liked for girls Jade, Dakota, and Callie. For boys I liked Mackenzie, Ryan, and Liam. I still like Ryan and Liam. But I hate Dakota and Mackenzie. Jade and Callie are just okay.

Mid to late secondary school I started to like boys and everything that involves boys including boy names. My love for biblical boy names developed a love that is still with me now. My favourites were Jacob & Noah. My favourite girls names were Rose & Alexandra.

In college Jacob and Noah still lingered but Levi defiantly over took them. At 17 I miscarried sure that child would have been a girl, I named her Alexandra Grace. My miscarriage made me think of names more which I suppose could be deemed strange. I began loving Rosalie, Vivienne, Charlotte & Genevieve. Levi & Henry were my favourite for boys.

Now at the grand age of 19 still considered a teenberry but feeling like a twenty something adult with a stressful, slowly blossoming career, and a stack of life experience behind me I am defiantly a 100% committed name nerd. I fully blossomed in the naming circle of life and fully appreciate the names of a good berry finding berry darlings such as Imogen delightful. My no.1 for boys is Levi. As for girls my top four are Rosalie, Eleanor, Aurora, and Cordelia.

Interesting read dear xx

jacquigirl Says:

December 18th, 2013 at 7:05 pm

Almost 15 year old name nerd here and this is a short history of my name obsessions (how I remember them)

7-9 years:
Lindsey, Madison, Lexi, Kacie, Isabella, Jackson, Lilla – all trendy names… Egh

10-13 years:
Mia, Aidan, Hannah, Jacob, McKyzie, Ryan (for a girl), Charlotte, Bella – popular and more trendy names

14 – when I discovered Nameberry
Eleanor nn Ellie, Erin, James, Mary, Paul, Henry, Grace, Caroline, Claire, Catherine, Margaret nn Maisie, Sophie, Madeleine, Isla – more classic, less popular (for the most part) names

AnaJo Says:

December 20th, 2013 at 3:17 am

When I started my name love affair, I was quite young. There was, of course, the typical naming of every Barbie, stuffed animal, doll, and pet (mine and sometimes my sister and I would secretly name other people’s pets). I would even name any drawing of a person or creature that I put on paper (first, middle and last name). At that time I had no computer or name book (my first name book wasn’t purchased until after I was married). I’d find names anywhere possible; books, magazines, name tags (at the bank or grocery store). But my favorite place to discover names was (and still is) cemeteries. Weird, I know, though my mother calls them God’s gardens so they never seemed spooky to me. Rather they were full of history. Every stone represented a person who once had a story. Often I’d contemplate who Ellsworth or Viva etc… had been as I wrote down their name.
I didn’t discover Nameberry until high school, though by then I had hundreds of names stacked away in boxes neatly stored under my bed. My family has always been supportive of my name fascination, but have not always understood it.
It’s truly wonderful to find kindred spirits on Nameberry!

kmdharrington Says:

July 24th, 2014 at 9:29 pm

I started looking into names at age 7, particularly forms of my name Katherine. When writing in class I had to find names for all the characters before I could even begin working on the plot. I joined Nameberry when I was twelve and now at thirteen I check Nameberry at lease once a day.

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