A Few of Our Favorite Names

We try not to play favorites around here, but the truth is that, just like anybody, we have them.  And the reasons we love the names we do are as idiosyncratic, irrational, and deeply felt as those of the average citizen.  In honor of Nameberry’s new look, we thought it might be time to reveal a few of our personal favorite names and why we adore them.  (Floral photo collage by Frances Pelzman)


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Linda: When you have an only child, you get just one chance to get it right— a name fanatic’s nightmare. But I think I did, and so, fortunately, does my daughter Chloe, pictured here at three. When we looked at names, we-- my Brit-born husband and Bronx-born me-- found we had radically different perceptions of most of them, but when we came upon Chloe, which was a rarity in the US at that time, we both instantaneously knew that was it. And her middle name was a no-brainer: my father Samuel had recently died, and so Samantha was the perfect choice.

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