15 Surprising Springtime Names for Boys

March 22, 2018 Linda Rosenkrantz

By Linda Rosenkrantz

I have to admit it, when I think of springtime baby names, it’s mostly girls’ options that come to mind—the flowery, feminissima ones in particular. But whoa! Just as many baby boys arrive during that season, and they too rate a name celebrating the period of their birth, and so I’ve put together this list just for them. It’s a mix of names that translate to Spring in different languages, green color names and some nature names, Easter references and even one inspirational spring-born honoree.

Aviv is a Hebrew name meaning Spring, connoting freshness and youth, and associated with the city of Tel Aviv. It’s also used for girls—though the feminine Aviva might be more familiar. Aviv would be especially appropriate for a boy born around Passover.

Booker is one springtime inspirational name to consider, that of Booker T. Washington, born into slavery on April 5, 1856. The enormously influential black leader became a great educator, orator, author and presidential advisor, working for progress through education and entrepreneurship. The name Booker ranks at 650 on Nameberry, and was chosen by actress Thandie Newton for her son.

BudA word name related to the earliest stages of a flower’s growth and shortening of the word buddy. Granted, most men known as Bud, such as Bud Abbott (born William), and Bud Selig (born Allan) were not originally Buds, but there was a time when there were many on birth certificates: it was as high as #233 in the 1880s and continued in use until the mid-60s, when there were still young Buds on sitcoms like Father Knows Best. These days, when we’re seeing names like Sonny return, Bud just might come back.

CruzCool and charming Cruz means cross in Spanish, and, as it refers to the crucifixion, can be thought of as a relevant Eastertime name. Its crossover to the Anglo community was expedited by  stylish couple David and Victoria Beckham choosing it for their third son in 2005, to the point where it’s now at #341.

Haru is a Japanese name (actually unisex) meaning springtime, clear and sunny, and is an energetic appellation heard as the title character of the boy in the popular manga My Little Monster.

Hunter/Hunt have two connections to Spring. Popular Hunter, a Top 50 name, shot to international popularity in the 1980s and is still going strong; in addition to being an occupational surname name, it’s also a rich, dark shade of green. And Hunt for hidden eggs is what kids do at Easter.

Jarek is a stand-alone pet form of Slavic names beginning with jaro, which means spring. The authentic pronunciation is YAH-REK.

Leaf (not related to the Scandinavian Leif) is an appealing spring-like nature name that would make a nice middle. In the creative-naming Phoenix family, Leaf is the onetime name of the actor now known as Joaquin.

March is the month when Spring officially begins, and March is one of the few month names that boys might use. More often heard as a surname, (Little Women, anyone?), it could make a strong, evocative first, with the brisk beat of a marching band. The month was named after the Roman god Mars.

Moses is the name most closely associated with Passover, that of the Jewish leader who delivered the Israelites from Egyptian bondage and brought down the Ten Commandments from Mount Sinai. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin used it for Apple’s little brother in 2006. Moses currently ranks at #462, 445 on Nameberry.

Moss actually descends from Moses, and is a soft, vernal shade of green. It’sa fairly common surname (Kate, Elisabeth, Stirling), as well as the hilarious Moss character on the Britcom, The IT Crowd. I’ve always had a personal soft spot for Moss, which is beginning to be shared on NB, where it’s made it to #881.

Pascal, a French name relating to Easter, a history of being used for boys born during that time. It popped onto the US list a few times around turn of the last century, and now is particularly popular in Chile, at #29. Pascal is the main character in the classic 1956 film The Red Balloon, and appears as Rapunzel’s chameleon in Tangled. It’s also a computer programming language and the surname of a major 17th century French mathematician, inventor and writer .

RainApril showers bring thoughts of the name Rain, suitable for a girl or boy in either first or middle place. Both Corey Hart and Christopher Cross used it for their sons. Rainn Wilson’s parents added another n at the end to give it more solidity.

Robin, the proverbial bird harbinger of Spring, originated as a medieval diminutive of Robert, and has long been associated with the legendary Robin Hood. After reigning as a Top 25 girls’ name in the 1960s, Robin climbed back into the Top 1000 in 2015 for the first time since 1999. It has remained solidly blue in other countries: right now it’s 21 in Switzerland, 37 in France, 41 in Belgium, and 198 in England and Wales.

Sage is a fragrant green name, another that’s gender fluid. Short and strong but gentle, it also connotes wisdom. Sage now ranks at #546 and climbing, its highest ranking ever for boys.


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