English word name
"indeterminately large number"

Zillion Origin and Meaning

The name Zillion is boy's name meaning "indeterminately large number".
Nick Cannon put this baby name on the map in 2021 when he welcomed a son by the name Zillion Heir (Zillionaire, get it?) — twin to Zion Mixolydian. Zillion is a new addition to the growing trend of numerical -illion names — Million, Billion, Trillion, and even Amillion currently chart for boys.

As a word, Zillion has only existed since 1942, when it was used in Billboard Magazine. Unlike the aforementioned -illion names, it has no real numerical value. Zillion is used in a colloquial sense to refer to extremely large numbers, similar to "jillion" or "gazillion," both of which may attract parents now that Zillion has opened the doors.

Zillion Popularity