"wide river, backwater"

Vaino Origin and Meaning

The name Vaino is boy's name of Finnish origin meaning "wide river, backwater".
A popular Finnish male name properly spelt Väinö, which derives from Väinämöinen – a hero from Finnish legend. Vaino (without the diacritic marks) is a Finnish word meaning "persecution" and so is not used in Finland as a name in this form.

Famous People Named Vaino

  • Väinö Tannerformer prime minister of Finland
  • Väinö LinnaFinnish novelist
  • (Kaarle) Väinö VoionmaaFinnish politician
  • Väinö HuhtalaFinnish Olympic skier
  • Väinö LiikkanenFinnish Olympic skier
  • Väinö Olavi LeskinenFinnish politician
  • Väinö IkonenFinnish Olympic wrestler

Vaino in Pop Culture

  • Vaino means "persecution" in Finnish; Vaino and Väinö are unrelated