"of the palace"

Paladin Origin and Meaning

The name Paladin is boy's name of French origin meaning "of the palace".
This title of honor given to Charlemagne's twelve best knights would be prized as a name by most sword-loving little boys.

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Paladin in Pop Culture

  • Paladin Dansecharacter in video game Fallout 4
  • Paladin Tookfather of Pippin Took in the Lord of the Rings series
  • Paladincharacter class in many RPGs including Dungeons & Dragons
  • Paladincharacter in Marvel comics
  • Paladinmain character on TV's Have Gun , Will Travel
  • Paladinssecret society out to kill jumpers in the 2008 film Jumper
  • Paladinlegendary Knight Errant in Terry Brooks' Magic Kingdom of Landover novels.
  • Imperialdramon Paladin Modeof the anime series Digimon Adventure 02
  • Paladinleader of the people of Amara, in the Dragon Keeper Chronicles by Donita K. Paul
  • The Paladina 1979 novel by Brian Garfield with Christopher Creighton
  • The Paladina 1988 fantasy novel by C. J. Cherryh
  • Les Paladinsan opera by Jean,Philippe Rameau
  • Paladin of Soulsa 2003 fantasy novel by Lois McMaster Bujold