"pondering victory"

Nicomedes Origin and Meaning

The name Nicomedes is boy's name of Greek origin meaning "pondering victory".
Even more daunting than Nicodemus.

20 Names Similar to Nicomedes

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Famous People Named Nicomedes

  • Saint NicomedesRoman martyr
  • Nicomedes IIV, Kings of Bithynia
  • Nicomedesancient Greek mathematician who discovered the conchoid
  • Nicomedesuncle of King Pleistoanax of Sparta; commanded the Spartan army at the Battle of Tanagra
  • Nicomedes Santa CruzPeruvian musician
  • Nicomedes GuzmánChilean poet and writer
  • Nicomedes Pastor Díaz y CorbelleSpanish politician, journalist and author