English from Latin
"from Laurentum"

Laurentius Origin and Meaning

Variation of Laurence

Famous People Named Laurentius

  • Laurentius SuriusGerman monk and hagiographer
  • Laurentius Petri (born Lars Persson)Archbishop of Sweden
  • Laurentius BlumentrostRussian royal physician
  • Laurentius Carels (born Lars Carlsson)Swedish,American clergyman
  • Laurentius CorvinusPolish poet
  • Laurentius AbstemiusItalian philologist
  • Laurentius Paulinus GothusArchbishop of Uppsala, Sweden
  • Laurentius FabritiusAuxiliary Bishop of Cologne
  • Laurentius Christophori Hornaeus (born Lars Christofferson)Swedish priest and witch,hunter

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