Finnish, Literature, Quenya
"air; starlight"

Ilma Origin and Meaning

The name Ilma is girl's name of Spanish, Hungarian, Finnish origin meaning "air; starlight".
A name that's unknown in the US and Britain but is popular as a nature name in Finland. May also be known as a Hungarian variation of Amelia and a Spanish form of Wilhelmina.

Ilma also appears in Tolkien's legendarium as a Quenya name meaning "starlight". It could be a good choice for lovers of literature who want something less on-the-nose than Arwen or Éowyn.

Ilma Popularity

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Famous People Named Ilma

  • Ilma de Murskastage name of 19th,century Croatian opera soprano
  • Ilma Grace Stone (19132001), Australian botanist, author & collector
  • Ilma UrrutiaGuatemala's national representative for beauty pageants