Heartyou-REE-kah; modern Greek EV-ree-kah
"I have found [it]"

Eureka Origin and Meaning

The name Eureka is girl's name meaning "I have found [it]".
For most, Eureka will be tied up with the bathtub myth of Archimedes' discovery of volumetric displacement, making it linked to the idea of invention, discovery and innovation. Some Australians might more closely link it to the Eureka stockade, a 19th Century rebellion of miners and workers against the colonial British government. Amanda Knox named her baby girl Eureka in 2021.

20 Names Similar to Eureka

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Famous People Named Eureka

  • Eureka O'Harastage name of David Huggard, American drag queen ("RuPaul's Drag Race')

Eureka in Pop Culture

  • Eurekamain character in the "Teardrop" series by Lauren Kate
  • EurekaDorothy's cat in The Wizard of Oz book series
  • Eurekaa main character in manga/anime "Eureka Seven"
  • Eureekamain puppet character on TV's "Eureeka's Castle"
  • Eureka cupscientific invention to measure the mass of an object; named after what the inventor exclaimed when he succeeded