Diminutive of Sabina and other -ina names, Yiddish or Hebrew
"bee or understanding"

Bina Origin and Meaning

The name Bina is girl's name of Hebrew, Czech origin meaning "bee or understanding".
Sources say that Bina, which is close to the word for bee in Yiddish, was once used as a translation for the Hebrew Deborah, which means bee. But it also means understanding in Hebrew. Like all the Tina-Gina-Ina names, it tends to feel somewhat incomplete.

20 Names Similar to Bina

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Famous People Named Bina

  • Bina Raistage name of Krishna Sarin, Indian actress

Bina in Pop Culture

  • Binadaughter in the movie Yours, Mine, & Ours
  • Binapossible nickname for Sabina, Jacobina, Albina, Colombina, etc.
  • Binacharacter in the Tal Am Hebrew learning program