Short form of Bardolph or Aboriginal

Bardo Origin and Meaning

The name Bardo is boy's name of German, Aboriginal, Tibetan origin meaning "water".
Bardo has a poetic beginning and upbeat ending, with roots in several diverse cultures. It may be most familiar today via George Saunders' novel Lincoln in the Bardo, which refers to the Tibetan Buddhist state of suspension between one life and the next, resembling the Christian idea of Limbo. Bardo is also an ancient saint's name: Saint Bardo was the eleventh century bishop of Mainz, in Germany. Actress Sandra Bullock chose Bardo as her son's middle.

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Famous People Named Bardo

  • Louis Bardo Bullockson of American actress Sandra Bullock

Bardo in Pop Culture

  • Bardo de' Bardicharacter in "Romola" (1863) by George Eliot
  • Bardo Thodoloriginal title of the Tibetan Book of the Dead
  • Bardo PondAmerican rock band
  • BardoBritish pop duo
  • Originally a medieval short form of various Germanic compound names beginning with Bard(perhaps from barta "axe"), e.g., Bardolf, Bardrick
  • See also Bardot