Short form of Barbara
"foreign woman"

Baba Origin and Meaning

The name Baba is girl's name .
When the once-popular Barbara makes a comeback, so might Baba.

20 Names Similar to Baba

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Famous People Named Baba

  • Abdul "Baba" RahmanGhanaian male footballer
  • Baba Ishakmale Turkish revolutionary
  • Baba Janmale Pakistani activist
  • Baba Nobuharumale Japanese samurai
  • Mary Liliane Matilda "Baba"Baroness d'Erlanger, style icon of the 1920s
  • Barbara "Baba" Beaton20th,century English socialite, sister of Cecil Beaton

Baba in Pop Culture

  • "Baba O'Riley" song by The Who
  • Babaword for "grandmother" or "father" in some languages
  • Babaan honorific title in parts of India