Hearta-RAN-tza; a-RAN-za
"Among the thorns"

Aranza Origin and Meaning

The name Aranza is girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "Among the thorns".
The name of a popular Mexican singer and a telenovela character, Aranza incredibly rose out of obscurity to become Number 607 in the US in 2014.

The name comes from Arantzazu, a shrine associated with the Virgin Mary in Basque Country, Spain. Legend has it that a shepherd discovered a statue of Mary in a hawthorn bush in 1468 and exclaimed, "Arantzan? Zu?"—"You? Among the thorns?" It's been a pilgrimage site ever since, and occasionally a given name, too.

Aranza Popularity

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Famous People Named Aranza

  • Aranza Becerra MezaMexican singer
  • Aranza SalutArgentine tennis player
  • Aranza Valentina Villalon SanchezChilean cyclist