"high mountain; exalted, enlightened"

Aharon Origin and Meaning

Variation of Aaron

Aharon Popularity

Famous People Named Aharon

  • Aharon AbuhatziraIsraeli politician
  • Aharon AmarIsraeli footballer
  • Aharon AmirIsraeli poet, writer and literary translator
  • Aharon AppelfeldIsraeli novelist and Holocaust survivor
  • Aharon Barakprofessor and lecturer of law
  • Aharon DavidiIsraeli general
  • Aharon DolgopolskyRussian,Israeli linguist
  • Aharon FeldmanOrthodox Jewish rabbi and rosh yeshiva
  • Aharon KotlerOrthodox Jewish rabbi
  • Aharon Rokeach4th Rebbe of the Belz Hasidic dynasty
  • Aharon ShabtaiIsraeli poet and translator
  • Aharon ShulovIsraeli entomologist
  • Aharon YadlinIsraeli educator and politician
  • Aharon YarivIsraeli politician and general
  • Aharon Yehuda Leib ShteinmanHaredi rabbi
  • Aharon ZislingIsraeli politician and minister

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