Italian variation of Augustine
"great, magnificent"

Agostino Origin and Meaning

The name Agostino is boy's name of Spanish, Italian origin meaning "great, magnificent".
Agostino is the Italian form of this increasingly popular ancient name.

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Famous People Named Agostino

  • Agostino CarracciItalian painter
  • Agostino Casaroliformer Vatican Secretary of State
  • Agostino Depretisformer Prime Minister of Italy
  • Agostino SteffaniItalian ecclesiastic and composer
  • Agostino GemelliItalian Franciscan friar and physician
  • (Giovanni Battista) Agostino CodazziItalian military cartographer
  • Agostino BarbarigoDoge of Venice
  • Agostino Andrea ChigiItalian banker and Renaissance patron
  • Agostino ArrivabeneItalian surrealist painter
  • Agostino BorgatoItalian actor and director