Aemilia Origin and Meaning

The name Aemilia is girl's name meaning "rival".
Aemilia is the Ancient Roman spelling of the popular Emilia and family. With Emilia and Amelia so popular, this version, while authentic and attractive, will only create confusion without adding real distinction.

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Famous People Named Aemilia

  • Aemilia Clarawife of Roman Emperor Quintus Petronius Didius Severus
  • Aemilia Tertia aka Aemilia Paullawife of Scipio Africanus aka Scipio the elder, Roman general and statesman
  • Aemilia Lepidaseveral ancient Roman women of the gens Aemilia and the branch Lepidus, including the fiancee of Emperor Claudius
  • Aemilia Bassano aka Emilia Lanyerfirst professional woman poet in England
  • Aemilia Scauradaughter of Marcus Aemilius Scaurus and Caecilia Metella Dalmatica and second wife of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus aka Pompey the Great

Aemilia in Pop Culture

  • Aemiliadaughter of Aeneas and Lavinia in Roman legend, who consorted with Ares, giving birth to Romulus, the founder of Rome
  • Aemiliacharacter in G. A. Henty's, Beric the Briton