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Abraxas Origin and Meaning

The name Abraxas is boy's name .
Abraxas is a sci-fi-sounding name with earthly possibilities, but some playground challenges.

Abraxas has a long and convoluted history, dating back to ancient Egyptian mythology and the Gnostics who worshiped him as the Supreme Being. The name Abraxas was carved on antique gemstones that were used as charms.

Abraxas lives on in modern pop culture, as the name of the musical group Santana's second album, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as Draco's grandfather, on several TV series and video games, and as a cosmic entity in Marvel Comics.

Trivia note: Abracadabra was based on Abraxas.

One of those unique baby names with powerful vibes!

Abraxas Popularity

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Abraxas in Pop Culture

  • Abraxastalking raven in the children's book "The Little Witch" by Otfried Preussler
  • Abraxas MalfoyDraco Malfoy's grandfather in the Harry Potter series
  • "Abraxas" 1970 album by Santana
  • "Abraxas" A chain of Juvenile Detention centers in the east coast run by the GEO group company
  • "AbraxasGuardian of the Universe" , a sci,fi film from 1990 starring Jesse Ventura
  • Abraxos is the name of the wyvern Manon Blackbeak has in the book and soon to be TV seriesThrone Of Glass by Sarah J Maas