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Gender: F Meaning of Zipporah: "bird" Origin of Zipporah: Variation of Tziporah, Hebrew

There are many variations of this name, with or without the initial T and the final h, with one p or two. In the Bible she was the wife of Moses.

Famous People Named Zipporah

Zipporah, Biblical wife of Moses
Zipporah Noisey Nawa, South African politician
Zipporah Sein, Burmese Karen political leader
Zipporah Mbugua, Miss Kenya World 1967
Zipporah Mary Corser (b. 2002), daughter of actor Rodger Corser and singer Christine Anu

Pop Culture References for the name Zipporah

Zipporah "Zippy" Feldman, main character in "Dear America: Dreams in the Golden Country" by Kathryn Lasky
Zipporah, character in 2002 Canadian film "Last Wedding"