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Gender: Female Meaning of Zelia: "zealous, ardent" Origin of Zelia: Hebrew

The name Zelia is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "zealous, ardent". Zelia and is often added to lists like Names That Mean Love and discussed in our forums with posts like "Drop you least favourite (girls with middles)".

From the experts:

An appealing name almost unknown in our culture but with roots in several others; worldlier than cousins Celia and Delia.

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Famous People Named Zelia

Zélia Duncan (born Zélia Cristina Gonçalves Moreira), Brazilian singer-songwriter
Zélia Gattai, Brazilian photographer and novelist
Zelia N. Breaux, American musician and academic
Zelia Maria Magdalena Nuttall, American archaeologist
Zelia Trebelli-Bettini, French opera singer
Zélia Maria Cardoso de Mello, former Brazilian Minister of Economy
Zelia, a genus of bristle flies
169 Zelia, an asteroid belt

Pop Culture References for the name Zelia

Zilia Moncada, character in The Surgeon's Daughter (1827) by Sir Walter Scott

Solina, Zeline, Zalia, Soline, Zaylia, Soulle, Zelina, Zailie, Souline, Zelene

Zelia's International Variations

Zele, Zélie (French)


Batzula Says:


I pronounce it ZEE-Lee-uh. I ended up naming her Zelia Luelle. She is a sassy 3 year old now that loves her name, we always get compliments on how beautiful her name is. We call her ZZ most of the time 😊

Miri Says:


I have fallen in love with this name.

adklined Says:


How is it pronounced? I like the name, but I see it as Zel-e-ah, or Za-lee-ah, or Zeal-yah, and I want to know how most people would pronounce it.

Zuzana Says:


Agree - Zelia is a lively fun alternative!

headintheclouds Says:


I love Celia and Delia, and I think Zelia is a lively and fun alternative to the two, having the energetic Z-sound. Its meaning is beautiful, the name sounds beautiful, and it'd just be a lovely inspired choice for a baby girl's name.