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Yancey Origin and Meaning

The name Yancey is a boy's name of Native American origin meaning "yankee".
A fancy TV western name that didn't catch on like fellow cowboys Luke and Josh, but definitely has a certain amount of charm. It is also spelled Yancy, as in the 1950s series Yancy Derringer. It was first spotted in the Edna Ferber novel Cimarron, which became a popular movie.

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Famous People Named Yancey

  • Yancey Dirk ThigpenAmerican football player
  • Yancey AriasAmerican actor
  • (John) Yancey McGill; American politician; 90th Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina
  • Rick YanceyAmerican novelist
  • John Derek Yancey aka Illa JAmerican rapper

Yancey in Pop Culture

  • Yancey Batesthe kindly antique dealer in Elizabeth Enright's "The Sea Is All Around"
  • Douglas Yancey "Doug" Funniemain character on animated series "Doug"

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