Diminutive of Alexander
"defending men"

Xan Origin and Meaning

The name Xan is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "defending men".
With the plethora of Alexes around, Xan (and Xander) have emerged as hot new nicknames for Alexander. Xan also stands well on its own. It can be found--not surprisingly--in several computer games.

Xan Popularity

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Famous People Named Xan

  • Lil Xanstage name of Diego Leanos, American rapper
  • Xanstage name of Amadou Isaacs, Canadian electronic dance music producer
  • Xan Richard Anders WindsorBaron Culloden (b. 2007), son of Alexander, Earl of Ulster
  • Alexandra "Xan" CassavetesAmerican actress and director; daughter of director John Cassavetes

Xan in Pop Culture

  • Xanthippe "Xan" Voorheesfemale character on TV's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"
  • Xancharacter from the computer game "Baldur's Gate"
  • Xanboss from computer game series "Unreal Tournament"
  • Xanmonster in the computer game "NetHack"
  • Xancharacter in book/film "The Children of Men"
  • Xanancient race in the online game "Anarchy Online"
  • "Xan" book by Patrick Tilley on alien invasion
  • Xanslang term for Xanax
  • "Xan Irelia"the full name of the Ionian Champion, Irelia, in League of Legends

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