"from the windy village"

Wyndham Origin and Meaning

The name Wyndham is a boy's name of English origin meaning "from the windy village".
This artistic and aristocratic surname would not blend in on most playgrounds – and Windy is not the choicest of nicknames. Notable namesakes include artist (and founder of the Vorticist movement) Wyndham Lewis, as well as authors John Wyndham and Francis Wyndham.

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Famous People Named Wyndham

  • (Percy) Wyndham LewisEnglish painter and novelist
  • Wyndham HalswelleBritish Olympic sprinter
  • Wyndham Rose Simpson (b. 2014)daughter of golfer Webb Simpson & Taylor Down Keith

Wyndham in Pop Culture

  • Wyndham Flitterman,about,town in The Pottleton Legacy (1849), Albert Smith's facetious novel of types 'halfway between Dickens and comic papers'
  • Wyndhamhotel chain
  • Wyndham Frederick 'Freddie'Celandine's older brother in the novel 'Celandine'

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