"friend's village"

Winthrop Origin and Meaning

The name Winthrop is a boy's name of English origin meaning "friend's village".
Proper Bostonian.

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Famous People Named Winthrop

  • Winthrop Aldrich RockefellerAmerican politician; 37th Governor of Arkansas
  • Winthrop Paul "Win" RockefellerAmerican politician; 13th Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas; son of Winthrop Rockefeller
  • Winthrop Niles KelloggAmerican psychologist
  • Winthrop Williams AldrichAmerican diplomat
  • Winthrop AmesAmerican theater director
  • Winthrop Smillie BoggsAmerican philatelist
  • Winthrop Gilman BrownAmerican diplomat
  • Winthrop ChandlerAmerican painter
  • Winthrop More DanielsAmerican statesman and academic
  • Winthrop Murray CraneU.S. Senator from Massachusetts
  • Winthrop Kellogg EdeyAmerican actor and collector
  • Winthrop Sargent GilmanAmerican banker
  • Winthrop GrahamJamaican hurdler
  • Winthrop Donaldson JordanAmerican historian and author
  • Winthrop Welles KetchamU.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania
  • Winthrop Hale "Ding" PalmerAmerican ice hockey player
  • Winthrop Mackworth PraedEnglish poet and politician
  • Winthrop Chanler RutherfurdAmerican socialite
  • Winthrop SargeantAmerican music critic, violinist
  • Winthrop SargentAmerican patriot and politician
  • Winthrop Hiram SmithAmerican banker and businessman
  • Winthrop Hiram SmithJr., American banker
  • Winthrop Ellsworth StoneAmerican chemist and academic
  • John WinthropEnglish Puritan leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Winthrop in Pop Culture

  • Winthrop Paroolittle boy in musical "The Music Man"
  • Winthrop Wortlemain character in comic strip "Winthrop" by Dick Cavalli