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Gender: M Meaning of Vaughan: "small" Origin of Vaughan: Welsh

This familiar but never popular Welsh surname name might be a good Sean alternative-- and we're starting to hear some berrybuzz about it. Vaughn is an alternate spelling.

There have been three major musical bearers of the name: British classical composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1940's U.S. band leader and singer Vaughn Monroe and the great jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughan. And two more current surnamed Vaughans: comic actor Vince and musician Stevie Ray.

Famous People Named Vaughan

Ralph Vaughan Williams, English composer
Vaughan Grylls, English sculptor
Vaughan Cornish, English geographer
Vaughan Hanning Vaughan-Lee, English politician
(Henry) Vaughan Lockhart Smith, English restaurateur and journalist
Stephen "Stevie" Ray Vaughan, American musician

Pop Culture References for the name Vaughan

Vaughan Cunningham, from the movie "Sling Blade"

Vaughan, Vaughen, Vougn, Vaun, Von, Vaune, Vaughn