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Gender: F Meaning of Trish: "noble, patrician" Origin of Trish: Diminutive of Patricia

Trish was a cool -- in every sense of the word -- nickname back when Patricia was one of the most popular names in the US, primarily in the 1960s and 1970s. Trish is actually kind of a nickname of a nickname, Tricia, best known as Tricia Nixon, the daughter of President Richard who named after her mother, who was called Pat. Trish, along with almost every other name related to Patricia including Pat, Patti, Patsy, and Tricia, is seriously out of fashion today.

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Famous People Named Trish

Trish Stratus (born Patricia Anne Stratigeas), Canadian pro wrestler
Trish Goff, American model
Trish Van Devere (born Patricia Louise Dressel), American actress
Trisha Kay "Trish" Paytas, American actress, model, singer and YouTuber
Tricia Ann "Trish" Regan, American TV presenter and journalist

Pop Culture References for the name Trish

Trish Delarosa, character on TV's "Austin & Ally"
Trish Patterson, character in movie "Identity Thief"
Patricia "Trish" Tilby, character in X-Men comics
Trish, character in video game "Devil May Cry"
Trish Wallace, character on British soap "Family Affairs"
Patricia "Trish" Walker, character on Marvel's Jessica Jones
Trish Collins, character on Freeform's "Recovery Road"