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Gender: M

Variation of Tim

Variation of Timothy

Famous People Named Timmy

Timmy Mallett, English TV presenter
Timmy Simons, Belgian footballer
Timothy "Timmy" Hill, American NASCAR driver
Timmy Hung (Tin Ming), Hong Kong actor, son of martial arts actor Sammo Hung
Timothy James "Timmy" Murphy, Irish National Hunt jockey
Timmy Thomas, American R&B singer

Pop Culture References for the name Timmy

Tim "Timmy", character in short story "Point Blank" by author Justine Avery
Timmy Turner, character on animated series "Fairly Odd Parents"
Timmy Burch, character on animated series "South Park"
"Timmy Time," children's TV show about a lamb named Timmy
Timmy, character in short story "I'll Never Do It Again" by author Tina Tirrell
Timmy Gleason, character in movie "Getting Even With Dad"
Timmy Martin, character on TV's "Lassie" ("Timmy fell down the well!")
Timmy O'Toole, imaginary character created by Bart on an episode of "The Simpsons"
Timmy, character by avant-garde music and visual arts group The Residents
Timmy, character from the animated TV series Winx Club
Timmy Tibble, character on animated series "Arthur"
Timmy, dinosaur on "The Muppet Show"