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Gender: M Meaning of Theobald: "courageous people" Origin of Theobald: German

This is one of the least known or used of the Theo names, quite possibly because of its last syllable. In Samuel Butler's 1903 novel The Way of All Flesh, there is a clergyman character named Theobald Pontifex.

You might want to consider the softer French version, Thibault (see below), or the Shakespearean Tybalt instead.

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Famous People Named Theobald

Theobald Boehm, inventor of the piccolo

Pop Culture References for the name Theobald

Miss Theobald, headmistress in the St. Clare's school series by Enid Blyton

Ted, Tybald, Tiebout, Tiebold, Toiboid, Thibaud, Theòbault, Theo, Tybalt, Dietbald, Dietbold, Tibold, Tibalt, Tybault, Thebault, Teddy

Theobald's International Variations

Tiobóid (Irish Gaelic) Tiobaid (Scottish Gaelic) Teobaldo (Spanish) Thibault (French)