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Gender: F Meaning of Thalassa: "the sea" Origin of Thalassa: Greek

A pretty, rarely used Greek name, Thalassa is the ancient personification of the sea, particularly the Mediterranean, who is sometimes considered the mother of Aphrodite. In 1991, a newly discovered moon of Neptune was dubbed Thalassa.

This name would make a highly original, yet accessible and delicate choice.

Famous People Named Thalassa

Thalassa Cruso, American TV host of Making Things Grow

Pop Culture References for the name Thalassa

Thalassa, primeval spirit of the sea in Greek mythology
Thalassa Gramarye, character in the video game "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney"
Thalassa, moon of Neptune
Thalassa, water planet in Arthur C. Clarke's "The Songs of Distant Earth"
Thalassa, Greek pop group
Thalassa, French documentary TV series