"the sea"

Thalassa Origin and Meaning

The name Thalassa is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "the sea".
A pretty, rarely used Greek name, Thalassa is the ancient personification of the sea, particularly the Mediterranean, who is sometimes considered the mother of Aphrodite. In 1991, a newly discovered moon of Neptune was dubbed Thalassa.

This name would make a highly original, yet accessible and delicate choice.

Thalassa Popularity

20 Names Similar to Thalassa

Lists containing Thalassa

Famous People Named Thalassa

  • Thalassa CrusoAmerican TV host of Making Things Grow

Thalassa in Pop Culture

  • Thalassaprimeval spirit of the sea in Greek mythology
  • Thalassa Gramaryecharacter in the video game "Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney"
  • Thalassamoon of Neptune
  • Thalassawater planet in Arthur C. Clarke's "The Songs of Distant Earth"
  • ThalassaGreek pop group
  • ThalassaFrench documentary TV series

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