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Gender: F Pronunciation: TER-sha Meaning of Tertia: "third" Origin of Tertia: Latin

Tertia—which is occasionally used in the UK, but rarely in the US, would make an unconventional but interesting possibility for the third child in a family. Terza and Terzo are lively Italian female and male variations.

This is just one of several Roman numeral names that suddenly sound plausible--like Primo and Prima, Decimus, Quintus, etc.

Famous People Named Tertia

Aemilia Tertia, wife of Scipio Africanus
Junia Tertia, daughter of Servilia Caepionis
Mucia Tertia, daughter of Quintus Mucius Scaevola

Pop Culture References for the name Tertia

Tercia, Tersia, Tersha

Tertia's International Variations

Terza (Italian)