Latin clan name

Horatius Origin and Meaning

Variation of Horace

Famous People Named Horatius

  • Quintus Horatius Flaccus aka HoraceRoman poet
  • Horatius(plural: Horatii), three members of the Roman gens Horatia who fought to the death against the Curiatii
  • Marcus Horatius PulvillusRoman consul
  • Horatius CoclesRoman hero who defended the Sublician Bridge
  • Marcus Horatius BarbatusRoman consul
  • Horatius BonarScottish churchman and poet
  • Horatius MurrayBritish WII general
  • Horatius PaulijnDutch painter
  • Horatius Holypheal "H.H." ColemanAmerican evangelist

Horatius in Pop Culture

  • Horatius Favershamcharacter in the radio series "The Penny Dreadfuls Present...."

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