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Stonewall Origin and Meaning

The name Stonewall is a boy's name.
Is there any boys' name more loaded than Stonewall? It evokes, in two syllables, both the Stonewall riots of 1969, the foundational moment of the gay rights movement, and Stonewall Jackson, second in fame only to Robert E. Lee among Confederate generals.

Hard to say whether those two connections weirdly cancel each other out, leaving a ruggedly handsome name behind, or amplify each other, rendering the name too controversial to use.

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Famous People Named Stonewall

  • Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" JacksonConfederate general during the American Civil War
  • Stonewall JacksonAmerican country singer
  • Stonewall W. "Stoney" JacksonAmerican character actor

Stonewall in Pop Culture

  • Stonewall riots (NY)protests starting the gay rights movement