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Gender: M Meaning of Springer: "jumper, leaper" Origin of Springer: English surname

This lively, springy, rarely used surname name has an interesting history. For the English, German, Dutch and Ashkenazic Jews it was a nickname for a lively person or traveling entertainer, deriving from the words springen/springhen/shpringen, and in English it's also a topographical name for someone living near the source of a stream. An unusual option if you're seeking an out-of-the-ordinary 'er'-ending name. Though for some it might bring to mind Jerry Springer, or a Spaniel.

Famous People Named Springer

Springer Holland Cate (b. 2005), brother of actor/musician Field Cate
Axel Springer, German journalist, founder of Axel Springer AG publishing company
Julius Springer, German publisher, founder of Springer-Verlag (global scientific publishing house)
Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer, British-born TV personality, attorney, and former Cincinnati mayor & news anchor
Aaron Springer, American writer, director, animator, and storyboard artist ("SpongeBob SquarePants")
Col. Robert C. Springer, NASA astronaut
Dennis Springer & Russ Springer, American baseball players
F. J. Springer, founder of the Springer Opera House (c. 1871)
Ashley Springer, American actor

Pop Culture References for the name Springer

Springer McDowell, lead character in the romance novel "Banish Misfortune," by Anne Stuart
Springer, character in the Transformers series
"Springer" is the German word for the Knight in chess.
Springer spaniel, dog breed
Springer, the orca whale
Springer, model of Harley-Davidson motorcycle
(Heritage Springer and Springer Softail)
Ivory Springer, character on TV's "Northern Exposure"
In architecture, the "springer" is the lowest stone in an arch, where the curve begins.
Nicknames: Spring, Springs, Sprig, Springbok