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Gender: M Pronunciation: sil-VAYN Meaning of Silvain: "wood, forest" Origin of Silvain: Latin

Woodsy name referring to the Roman tree god Silvanus.

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Famous People Named Silvain

Pop Culture References for the name Silvain

Silvain Pons, central character of Balzac's "Le Cousin Pons" (1847); a composer, squanderer and, eventually, gluttonous parasite

Sil, Sylvanus, Silvius, Sill, Silvanus, Sylvan

Silvain's International Variations

Silviano, Silvanio, Silvano, Silbanio (Spanish) Silvino, Silverio (Portuguese) Sylvain, Silvestre (French) Sylvester, Silas, Selvyn (English) Silvio (Italian) Silvester, Silvan (German)