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Gender: F

French variation of Sibyl.

French variation of Sybil.

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Famous People Named Sibylle

Sibylle of Cleves, Electress consort of Saxony; sister of Queen Anne of Cleves
Sibylle, Princess of Saxony, Duchess of Saxe-Lauenburg
Sibylle Aimée Marie-Antoinette Gabrielle de Riquetti de Mirabeau, Comtesse de Martel de Janville aka Gyp, French novelist
(Franziska) Sibylle Auguste of Saxe-Lauenburg, Margravine of Baden-Baden
Sibylle Christine of Anhalt-Dessau, Countess of Hanau-Münzenberg and Hanau-Lichtenberg
Sibylle of Jülich-Cleves-Berg, Margravine of Burgau; daughter of Duke William the Rich
Sibylle Elisabeth of Württemberg, Duchess of Saxony
Sibylle, Princess of Bavaria-Munich; Electress Palatine
Sibylle, Princess of Brandenburg; Duchess of Jülich and Duchess of Berg
Sibylle, Margravine of Baden; Countess of Hanau-Lichtenberg.
Sibylle Baier, German folk singer and actress
Sibylle Blanc, Swiss actress
Sibylle Lewitscharoff, German novelist
Sibylle Berg, German novelist
Sibylle Boden-Gerstner, German costume designer
Sibylle Bergemann, German photographer
Sibylle Canonica, Swiss actress
Erika Roswitha "Sibylle" Rauch, German model
Anna Sibylle of Hanau-Lichtenberg, eldest surviving daughter of Count Philipp IV

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