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Gender: F

Swedish variation of Sibyl.

Swedish variation of Sybil.

Famous People Named Sibylla

Sibylla, Queen of Jerusalem
Sybilla of Normandy, Queen consort of Alexander I of Scotland
Sibylla of Acerra, Queen consort of Tancred of Sicily
Sibylla of Lusignan, Queen consort of Leo I of Armenia
Sibylla of Anjou, Countess of Flanders
Sybilla of Burgundy, Duchess consort of Burgundy
Sibylla of Anhalt, Duchess of Württemberg
Sibylla of Armenia, daughter of Hethoum I of Armenia
Sibylla Calma Maria Alice Bathildis Feodora, Princess of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, mother of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
Sibylla Deen, Australian-born actress
Sibylla Schwarz, German poet
Maria Sibylla Merian, Dutch naturalist and artist
Sibylla Budd, Australian actress
Sibylla Rubens, German operatic soprano

Pop Culture References for the name Sibylla

Sibylla, in Thomas Lovell Beddoes's play "Death's Jest Book; or, The Fool's Tragedy" (1850)
Sibylla; or, the Revival of Prophecy, a 1926 book by Cecil Alec Mace