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Famous People Named Shion

  • Shion MiuraJapanese novelist
  • Shionstage name of Yu,hyang Park, Korean pop singer
  • Shion MiyawakiJapanese pop singer
  • Shion TsujiJapanese pop singer

Shion in Pop Culture

  • Shion Yasuokamain character in manga "Shion no Ō"
  • Shion Uzukimain character in the Xenosaga video games
  • It is also used as given name in Korea. (Hangul: 시언; 시온)
  • Normally pronounced "sheeawn".
  • Variants: ShiohnShieon, Shihon, Shiun, Sieon, Sion, etc.
  • The meaning of the name changes according to the choice of Chinese characters(Kanji/Hanja).
  • Some of the most commonly used Chinese characters and meanings.
  • 1. Japanese word for flower 'Aster tataricus' (Flower language: One who does not forget): 紫苑
  • 2. Beautiful sound (ex. Sound of tide): 詩音汐音, 咲音, etc.
  • 3. Beautiful woman (ElegantPretty, Charming): 詩媛, 姫媛, 詩嫣, etc.
  • 4. Grace (BlessingBenefit): 詩恩, 姫恩, 史恩, etc.
  • English nicknames: SeanShawn, Seanna, Shawna, Shona, Shiona, Siona, etc.

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