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Gender: M Meaning of Shimon: "to be heard" Origin of Shimon: Hebrew

Most parents would choose the more contemporary Simon.

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Famous People Named Shimon

Shimon, father of Amnon, of the tribe of Judah (1 Chr. 4:20)
Shimon Peres (born Szymon Perski), 9th president of Israel; winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Shimon Yehuda Hakohen Shkop, Ukrainian Talmudic scholar
Simeon "Shimon" ben Lakish aka Resh Lakish, Syrian amora scholar
Shimon Shetreet, Israeli politician
Shimon Agranat, former President of the Supreme Court of Israel
Shimone Prokupecz, CNN Crime & Justice producer

Pop Culture References for the name Shimon

Shimi, Shim'On