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Gender: F Origin of Sherry: Phonetic variation of French Cheri; also a Spanish fortified wine

Peppy cheerleader name of the 1960s and 70s that's sure to evoke the Four Seasons song of that name.

Famous People Named Sherry

Sherry Lansing (born Sherry Lee Duhl), American actress and executive, first woman to head a Hollywood studio
Sherry Jackson, American actress
Sherry Lea Stringfield, American actress
Sherry Thomas, american YA novelist
Sherry Turkle, American social scientist and author

Pop Culture References for the name Sherry

Sherry Palmer, character on TV's "24"
Sherry Birkin, character in the video game series Resident Evil
Sherry Belmont, character in manga/anime "Zatch Bell"
Sherry Blendy, character in manga/anime 'Fairy Tail'
Sherry Swanson, main character in 2006 movie "Sherrybaby"
"Sherry," a song by the Four Seasons
Sherry is an alcoholic drink.