"steep-sided valley"

Sheldon Origin and Meaning

The name Sheldon is a boy's name of English origin meaning "steep-sided valley".
Like Marvin and Melvin, Sheldon has been perceived as about as far out as you can get, though there are very pretty towns in Devon and Derbyshire that inspired it. Sheldon Lee Cooper is the lead nerd character on the TV hit The Big Bang Theory, giving the name a brainy image. Nickname Shel (as in Shel Silverstein, author of Where the Sidewalk Ends) could, in the modern world of nature name love, be seen as beach evoking.

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Famous People Named Sheldon

  • Sheldon "Shel" SilversteinAmerican poet and author of children's books
  • Sheldon HarnickAmerican lyricist
  • Sheldon LeonardAmerican TV producer
  • Sheldon Sharik SourayCanadian ice hockey player
  • Sheldon WhitehouseU.S. Senator from Rhode Island
  • Sheldon Martinez Davis aka Natalac or NatAmerican rapper
  • Sheldon Lee GlashowAmerican theoretical physicist and Nobel prize winner
  • Sheldon Alan RichardsonAmerican NFL player
  • Sheldon Gary AdelsonAmerican billionaire developer
  • Sheldon "Shelly" MoldoffAmerican comic book artist
  • Sheldon "Shelly" SilverAmerican politician from New York

Sheldon in Pop Culture

  • Sheldon Lee Coopercharacter on TV's "The Big Bang Theory" and on the prequel series "Young Sheldon"
  • Sheldon Hawkescharacter on TV's "CSI: NY"
  • Sheldon Mopescharacter in movie "Death to Smoochy"
  • Sheldon J. Planktoncharacter on TV's "SpongeBob SquarePants"
  • Sheldonunhatched chick in comic and TV series "U.S. Acres;" twin of brother Booker,
  • U.S. Acres was a segment of the cartoon show
  • "Garfield and Friends" based on the
  • Garfield comic strip by Jim Davis