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Seaborn Origin and Meaning

The name Seaborn is a boy's name.
TV watchers will instantly think of hunky West Wing character Sam Seaborn, played by Rob Lowe, while techies may associate it with a programming toolkit used in statistical analysis. Few, though, will see it as a great first name.

20 Names Similar to Seaborn

Famous People Named Seaborn

  • Seaborn Anderson RoddenberyU.S. Congressman from Georgia
  • Seaborn JonesU.S. Congressman from Georgia
  • Seaborn JonesAmerican poet
  • Seaborn ReeseU.S. Congressman from Georgia
  • Seaborn McDaniel DensonAmerican Sacred Harp singer
  • (Seaborn) Beck WeathersAmerican who survived the 1996 Mt. Everest climbing disaster of "Into Thin Air"
  • (David Richard) Seaborne DaviesWelsh MP

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