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Gender: Female Origin of Scotia: Latin term for Scotland

The name Scotia is a girl's name of Latin origin. Scotia and discussed in our forums with posts like "Picky Parents BNG".

From the experts:

Place names can be a nod to your cultural heritage or a commemoration of a favorite destination, but you may not want to give your child a name she or he will share with a country or a city or a river. One intriguing alternative: Choose an ancient or alternative name for a favorite place. Scotia is the Latin name for Scotland and its people. Caledonia is another possibility, used by the Romans for the land north of Hadrian's Wall in England, which marked the upper boundary of the Roman Empire.

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Famous People Named Scotia

Sydney Scotia, American-Canadian actress and dancer

Pop Culture References for the name Scotia

Nova Scotia, Canada


s2kute4u Says:


(Clearly I'm not on here often as your comment is 6 months old now) My name isn't Scotia, I named my daughter Scotia :) Everyone who hears it remarks on how original and beautiful it is. I named her Scotia because of my family's Scottish heritage. I have had a few people tell me they know other girls named Scotia, but we have yet to come across one.

munro Says:


I know literally no one who has ever referenced the bank when I introduced myself.

munro Says:


Is your name Scotia?! Mine too! I've never met anyone else with my name! I instantly assume you're just as cool as I am.

munro Says:


As someone named Scotia I can tell you I really love it. Do I have to spell it sometimes? Yes. Do I have to say "like Nova Scotia"? Yes. I also have it pronounced "scott-tee-uh" a lot (which is completely wrong). I was named after my father, Scott, and his Scottish heritage. I have never met someone in real life with my name and I never am confused with anyone as a result. I never have to write my last name, ever. It's really nice. Plus, I introduced myself to an artist and their first comment was that it was a good artist name as it's easily remembered. As for nicknames, there isn't much. My brother calls me scoshe (skohsh). Like the phrase "a scoshe of something". It is like saying "a pinch of salt", a small amount. It's also Greek (σκοτία) for darkness or shadow.

SimoneKadele Says:


Interesting. Reminds me of Nova Scotia.

RoddyThlayli Says:


I live in Nova Scotia, so this sounds sort of weird to me, but I do like it.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


I thought it was beautiful originally, back when I pronounced it as "Scottie-uh". But then I found out it was said as "Sko-shuh" and now I like it less. The old word for Ireland, Eire, is nicer.

s2kute4u Says:


Everyone remembers it :)

Eva Thyssen Says:


If the baby's surname is Banks... Scotia Banks.