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Gender: M Pronunciation: SAY-bin Meaning of Sabin: "from the Sabines" Origin of Sabin: Latin

Listed in the Koran as one of the "People of the Book," this male equivalent of Sabina is undiscovered and ripe for the adventurous baby namer.

Famous People Named Sabin

Sabin Pautza, Romanian composer

Pop Culture References for the name Sabin

Sabin Rene Figaro is the name of a strong, fighting, rugged, good-hearted hero in the North American release of the video-game Final Fantasy VI (previously known as Final Fantasy III, due to it being the 3rd Final Fantasy video-game released outside of Japan at the time). His twin brother is the king of Figaro Castle, but through the toss of a coin, Sabin willingly traded the throne for his freedom.

Saban, Saben

Sabin's International Variations

Savino (Italian) Sabinien, Sabinu, Sabien, Saby, Sabatay (French) Savin (Eastern European) Sabino (Spanish) Sabiny (Polish) Saidhbhin (Gaelic) Sabian (Persian)