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Gender: F

Variation of Sabah

Variation of Sheba

Famous People Named Saba

Saba Mahmood, anthropologist who teaches at UC Berkeley
Used by the essayist and wit Sydney Smith (1776-1845) for his eldest daughter, born ca. 1800, "in an effort to find something striking to go with Smith"
Saba Douglas-Hamilton, wildlife conservationist and TV presenter
Saba Ahmed, Republican Muslim Coalition
Saba Taj, American artist and activist
Saba Pachulia (b. 2009), son of Zaza Pachouli
Sabaa Tahir, YA author

Pop Culture References for the name Saba

Saba, 18-year-old protagonist of the book "Blood Red Road"
The rich and ostentatious queen of Sheba who visited Solomon after hearing of his wisdom (1 Kings 10); is elsewhere called the queen of Saba, e.g., in Psalm 72:10, in Marlowe's adaptation of the Faust legend (1590s), Shakespeare's 1613 play "Henry VIII," and in the title of a French-language opera by Charles Gounod: "La reine de Saba" (1862)