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Gender: F Origin of Romola: Latin, Italian variation of Romulus, one of he founders of Rome

Romola is a literary name most notably used by George Eliot for her eponymous 1862 novel set in fifteenth century Florence. It just may appeal to the parent looking for a name that embodies the ideal blend of the feminine, exotic, and strong. A current bearer is British actress Romola Garai.

Famous People Named Romola

Romola Garai, English actress
Second middle name of Catherine de' Medici, Queen of France (born Caterina Maria Romola)
Romola de Pulszky, wife of ballet dancer Nijinsky
Romola Remus, American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Romola

Romola de' Bardi, title heroine of the historical novel by George Eliot
The English pronunciation sounds like Romilly
*NOT invented by George Eliot; it's the Italian feminine form of Romulus

Romula, Rommola, Romella, Romala, Romolla